Essential Light Journey:

We have a natural connection to light, air, water, and earth. Our Essential Light Journey explores our affinity to these elements by offering experiences that allow you to choose how they will come together.

As with all of our face and body treatments we recommend you arrive without make up on, or please feel welcome to remove your make up in the washroom with the make up wipes provided.

 After receiving your journey bag and changing into one of our pure cotton spa robes, you will start your journey in our “light & air” room. Recline back onto our treatment bed, choose the lighting that suits your mood, and then pick from three essential oil aromas to create the alchemy with sweet almond oil for your essential scalp treatment massage. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax.

Stay comfortable. Stay reclined and let us treat you to our “Healing Lights Face Treatment”. A series of low intensity LED lasers gently stimulate your body’s natural responses to balance circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin production, even out pigmentation, and reduce fine lines. Two lamps operating simultaneously allow for treatment of both face and upper torso areas. Lay back, relax, enjoy the light show, and allow your body to “juvenate”. (Not to worry, we’ll wake you gently if you fall asleep.)

The next steps on your journey will happen across the hallway in our “light & earth” room. Before heading over there we encourage you to re-hydrate. We’ll also help you create your “personalized mister”. We believe that once you have experienced your essential scalp massage and relaxed under the healing lights, you’ll “know” how many drops to use. (We usually recommend no more than five.) In the “light and earth” room, you lightly mist down, allow the mist to absorb fully and dry, and then use your pure cotton glove to gently exfoliate. We recommend using your dominant hand first, and then switch over to your non-dominant hand. This allows you to make sure you haven’t missed any spots, and also gently stimulates the connections in your corpus collosum, allowing for better communication between the left and right sides of your brain.

 Our deep roller massage bed has dual rollers that massage you from head to heels. We offer the addition of some extra weight to your experience if you like to get a deeper effect. Lay back. Allow the stresses and tensions of life to roll right out of you, and remember to breathe.

 Our “stone massage” or “pebble beach” bed is next on your journey. This full bed of agates and semi-precious stones heated from underneath and above by an infra red mat and lamps is like laying down on a warm pebble beach that’s been warmed by the sun all day. The healing warmth and energies of the stones permeate your senses while the infra red rays gently balance out circulation and stimulate your body’s natural healing processes. Don’t forget the sunglasses 😎

 You wrap up your journey in our “light lounge”. If you’ve ordered a light meal or snack from one of our neighboring restaurants, this is where it will be waiting for you; if not, enjoy a complimentary coffee, tea, or water, and either catch up on some reading or just sit back and relax. Change into your “civvies” first, or stay in your robe, wrap up in a blanket, relax, and enjoy.

 Our “light lounge” features 13 watt cfl full spectrum lamps with kelvin temperatures between 3000 and 5000. What that means is you can experience a full 10,000 lux exposure (with the lamps approximately half of a metre away) in as little as 15 minutes.

The 10,000 lux exposure level has been proven to have beneficial effects on most people suffering from lack of exposure to sunlight, people experiencing SADs, vitamin D deficiencies, circadian rhythm imbalance, and a variety of other affective disorders.

 We recommend leaving the essential oils from your essential scalp massage in your hair for a few hours (if possible), to allow you to receive the maximum “topical” benefits. If you feel the need to have a shampoo, we will gladly give you a nice shampoo and conditioning treatment using our locally made natural, organic, products. If a hairstylist is available, we can book you an additional appointment for styling or any additional services you’d like. You’re also welcome to use the self-serve blow dry station.

Our suggested Dress Code

Please dress comfortably and appropriately. Our wellness centre is a place to feel and look better, which in our philosophy and policies means be “comfortable”. When you are coming in for a journey experience, you will be given a spa robe and slippers to wear, so you can either bring a bathing suit to change into, or wear your underwear. What we do ask is that they are “public beach” or “public pool” appropriate. If you’re unsure of what we mean, just give us a call and we will do our best to clear it up. When booking in for a massage or full body light treatment you will be in a private room and are welcome to either wear something minimal or go “au naturel”. As per spa etiquette, you will always have a knock on the door and be given a few moments to respond before an attendant or service provider enters your room.