Shared philosophies and commitments

Our Counselling, Spa and Hair services not only share space, they share synergistic ideas, goals, and approaches that assist us in co-creating an atmosphere and experience as unique as the people we serve and work with. At Juvenation Wellness we all believe in the “Look Better, Feel Better” approach to realizing improvements in our experiences of life. When we feel better, we generally look better, and we find that relationship is (most often) reciprocal. How we see ourselves inwardly is also often reflected in how we present ourselves outwardly. It is a form of creative and non-verbal signaling, or communication, to let the world know both who, and how, we are being and doing.

In order to help us achieve this level of service, we commit ourselves to using locally sourced and developed ingredients, products, treatments, and even ideas, whenever possible. We support local. We support organic, natural, earth-friendly “everything” whenever it is possible, and stay open to the opportunities of continuing to expand those community focused connections.

Our suggested Dress Code

Please dress comfortably and appropriately. Our wellness centre is a place to feel and look better, which in our philosophy and policies means be “comfortable”. When you are coming in for a journey experience, you will be given a spa robe and slippers to wear, so you can either bring a bathing suit to change into, or wear your underwear. What we do ask is that they are “public beach” or “public pool” appropriate. If you’re unsure of what we mean, just give us a call and we will do our best to clear it up. When booking in for a massage or full body light treatment you will be in a private room and are welcome to either wear something minimal or go “au naturel”. As per spa etiquette, you will always have a knock on the door and be given a few moments to respond before an attendant or service provider enters your room.