Allergies and medical concerns:

At Juvenation Wellness, Spa & Hair, we use organic plant based products, and care modalities that have potential contraindications for people with allergies, sensitivities, and some medical conditions. Our intention is for you to feel better and look better by enjoying what we have to offer here. We urge you to check with your medical practitioners if you have any concerns around this before coming in.
We offer essential oils and plant based products that contain various combinations of ingredients. They are manufactured professionally and with care for everyone involved as well as the intended end users. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to plant based products we suggest you check with your doctor before coming in for services.
We offer low level LED light modalities to stimulate your body’s natural responses to help you look and feel better and we use infra red equipment to help you relax, and to look and feel better. The equipment we use to achieve this is all professionally and carefully made, and meets Canadian Safety Standards. If you have any light or infra red related sensitivities we suggest you check with your doctor before coming in for services.
We also offer various massage modalities that are applied both manually and automatically. If you have any health related concerns around the application of pressure during massage or products used in massage, we suggest you check with your doctor before coming in for services.

The Journey

1 Hour $90

Come experience and enjoy an hour-long relaxing Essential Light Journey. Featuring an aroma therapy scalp massage, healing lights face treatment, infra-red hot-stone bed, “head to heel” dual-roller massage bed, and full spectrum light lounge. A green boost shot and a bottle of refreshing water are a must to start you on your way, with either an in-house organic coffee drink or organic tea to go with you or to enjoy while you’re relaxing at your journey’s end in the light lounge. A post-journey shampoo and foot massager are included as optional experiences.


30 min $45 -or- 1 hour $90

Feel the differences in your day to day life and well-being by enjoying one of our unique * juvenators … Come in for an * essential massage, * healing light mask, or * essential aqua face treatment. Book one as a stand alone service or combine one with almost any of our other services to create a personalized spa experience .

  • Essential Aqua Face Treatment

Our “Essential Aqua Face Treatment” is modeled on the effective, and highly popular Hydrafacial system. We developed this treatment in keeping with our philosophy to bring the best modalities (that work with our body’s natural juvenating processes) to our clients at a more reasonable price.

According to renowned cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso, this approach to personal skin care “is a multi-step skin treatment that readily brightens the skin and rids the skin of dead skin cells and impurities. At the same time, it hydrates and moisturizes skin with cleansing serums made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective.”

 Top five benefits of a “Aqua Facial” skin treatment:

  • Very fast. As a possible stand alone service, the entire treatment can take as little as 30 minutes.

  • Immediate recovery. There are no special preparations needed before the treatment and you can return to your regular daily activities and put on makeup after you’re done.

  • Comfortable. During and after your treatment, you won’t feel any uncomfortable sensations that often accompany other skin re-juvenating treatments. Even for those with sensitive skin, it is a relaxing enjoyable experience more akin to any spa treatment.

  • Instant results. Most clients report seeing visible improvements in just one treatment. Smooth results and hydration can last seven days or more.

  • Firm, younger looking skin. The proof is in the feel and look. You’ll feel the smoother texture and youthful firmness of your skin right after the “Essential Aqua Facial treatment”. You’ll see the reduced look of lines and pores, immediately recognizing your healthy glow, and improvements in a smoother and clearer looking you.

  • Organic Seaweed Facial

    1 HOUR $90

Need a really good facial treatment with anti aging properties that is hydrating, exfoliating, and detoxifying?

Juvenation’s unique “Organic Seaweed Facial Treatment” could be the perfect item just for you.
Seaweed is full of bio-available micronutrients that are not only good for you when taken internally, but also when applied externally to your skin, and our Seaweed Facial treatment is the perfect method to utilize this natural skin booster to its maximum.

Our “in-house*” development of the perfect customizable Seaweed Facial treatment is full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is filled with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that activate the skins natural healing responses while reducing fine lines and delivering water soluble micronutrients.
You’ll look and feel completely Juvenated!
You’ll have all of the benefits of a traditional facial with none of the downtime.


  • Essential Massage

Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing and balancing combination of massage techniques, personally designed to help you feel rejuvenated and calm.

Using techniques from traditional Swedish Massage, Acupressure, Breema, and Intuitive Aroma Therapy disciplines, we offer half-hour and full-hour massage treatments specifically and uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

Choose your oils, choose your areas to for us to focus on, and leave the rest to us. Relax, recharge, rejuvenate...

  • Healing Light Mask

    The benefits of various light modalities for the skin and face have been proven by both scientific evaluation and personal testimonies from thousand of people who have enjoyed the relaxing, non-invasive, and painless experience of this approach to face treatments.

    With the guidance of a professional aesthetician or dermatologist, trained in the proper use and application of topical treatments and multi-spectrum and mono-spectrum low level LED lasers, you can reap the benefits of this gentle, deeply effective, therapy for your face, neck, and decollate.

  • Full Body Healing Lights Treatment

    Achieve the benefits of our Healing Lights Face Treatment for your entire body. Start your rejuvenating experience with a 30 minute mask and frontal exposure to our gentle and effective low level LED treatment lamps, and then turn over (don’t worry, we’ll gently wake you if you've fallen asleep) and one of attendants will apply any topicals and adjust the lamps to make sure you achieve our maximum possible results during the rest of your full hour treatment.

    Our suggested Dress Code

    Please dress comfortably and appropriately. Our wellness centre is a place to feel and look better, which in our philosophy and policies means be “comfortable”. When you are coming in for a journey experience, you will be given a spa robe and slippers to wear, so you can either bring a bathing suit to change into, or wear your underwear. What we do ask is that they are “public beach” or “public pool” appropriate. If you’re unsure of what we mean, just give us a call and we will do our best to clear it up. When booking in for a massage or full body light treatment you will be in a private room and are welcome to either wear something minimal or go “au naturel”. As per spa etiquette, you will always have a knock on the door and be given a few moments to respond before an attendant or service provider enters your room. 🙏🌱-