Types of Counselling

There are many proven benefits to counselling including gaining personal insights, learning new ways to cope with or solve problems, developing new skills, and changing unwanted behaviors. At JUVENATION, we provide the following counselling services:


Individual Counselling

We welcome all ages, male or female from all walks of life. You will book and complete an initial 30-minute in office consultation with a counsellor and create a personalized schedule and wellness plan.

Group Counselling

We welcome families, couples, co-workers, and any other types of personal connections you may have that require improvement in functionality and balance.

We also facilitate specialized and focused group counselling sessions for specific issues (like trauma, anger management, communication skills, etc.). Group sessions allow individuals to learn from and relate to others while saving on cost as opposed to individual sessions. Please refer to our events section for upcoming specialized group counselling and therapy sessions to register. If you already have a specialized group that would benefit from group therapy or counselling, please contact our office to set up your group schedule and details.

For any group counselling,  a 30-minute in office consultation will be conducted with a counsellor to create a session schedule and wellness plan for your groups needs.

Remote Counselling (Online & Telephone)

We want to provide alternatives to the way people get help facing life’s challenges by providing convenient, secure and affordable access to a counsellor. Counselling is available through a computer, telephone and other video/teleconferencing options. You can book a free remote consultation ONLINE or by contacting our office directly via telephone or email.